Breast Cancer Awareness

In countries around the world, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Is a month where people around the globe come together to increase attention, support, and awareness of breast cancer. It unites people on the importance of early detection and education about this disease. We wear pink ribbons or clothes to show our support and help increase awareness. If you want to learn more about the Pink Ribbon Story, check out this link.

October is also my birthday month. It’s a month that inspires me to deeply reflect on my life and be grateful for every day that I have lived. My birthday makes me hopeful for the future and very appreciative of the importance of good health in our lives. My deepest desires are Life and Health for my daughter, my husband, our family, our loved ones, our team, our friends, our clients, and well, everybody.  I want us all to enjoy our time together as much as we can. 

In our family, we have brave women who have won their battle against breast cancer (even more than once) and we are grateful for them and the help they have received. They have inspired us and showed us that together we can help win the fight against this disease. Undoubtedly, their strong faith was an important factor in overcoming such difficult times. I can’t help but to think about them as real-life superheroes.

auto insurance in FloridaOne good resource to learn more about Breast Cancer is the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., (NBCF). The NBCF provides screening, education, and support for women in need. One good new thing (in this unforgettable year 2020), is that you can choose to donate and decide specifically where your donation goes between:

Screening: Give to our National Mammography and Patient Navigation programs to provide free mammograms and other necessary screenings, while removing barriers in the cancer care system.

Education: Give to our Education & Outreach programs to empower women with the critical information and resources they need to lower their risk and detect breast cancer early.

Support: Give to our Support Services, including HOPE Kits, Metastatic Retreats, and Support Groups, ensuring all women with breast cancer have the emotional support, guidance, and resources to heal.

General Fund: Allow NBCF to direct your funds to the program with the greatest need.

As we do in business, we want to encourage you all to protect yourselves, protect your health, and be prepared and educated on this horrible disease. We really believe that with life’s uncertainties, we should protect ourselves and be proactive with our health. We wish you all well, and tons of Life & Health.

At Deer Insurance Agency, #wecare !