No, really. Think about it…

By: Ariel Rivera, MBA, CPIA, CIC – March 2020

I got an idea, how about we all take some time to think about this thought. So, this morning I came across a Dave Hollis interesting thought that says “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” OMG, isn’t it true? We are all dealing with rapidly changing times where there is a “new” normal. But in reality, aren’t parts of the “new” normal awesome? We definitely think so!

Of course we miss sports, our co-workers, warm hugs, and social interaction. But there are many other things that we don’t miss. For example, traffic, excessive stress and rush, wild mornings, etc. To a certain point, life has given us an opportunity to regroup and value what we love the most: #family. So let’s take some time to appreciate where we are in this “crazy” journey, even if it’s not where we really wanted to be. Some say “it’s all about the process” (which we love), but right now we say “it’s all about the moment”. Enjoy the moment with your family and let’s keep praying for everyone affected by COVID-19, whether is due to illness, job loss, or excessive work and stress (like doctors and nurses). May God bless you all and let’s stick together to win this one.