OMG! What if JLo and ARod break up?

Oh My God!!! Can you imagine that? It would be chaotic. Thankfully, they are on their way to marriage soon so we don’t need to worry about that happening anytime soon. There’s no question their love and synergy have inspired many couples to actually get out of heir comfort zones and be a little more “goofy” and “playful”. Their social media posts with curiosities, daily workouts, family time, and “goofiness” have made them one of Hollywood’s top couples.

The question is, what could be worse than JLo and ARod breaking up? Many things, right. But one that could be devastating is actually losing your home to a disaster and not having the right insurance policy to recover from it.

Think about it, we live in Florida, a flood, hurricane, or tornado can change our life in seconds. Your homeowners insurance is one of the key elements to being ready and having peace of mind. All it takes is for you to make sure your homeowners insurance is reviewed and updated. If you have done so recently (in the last 2 months), GREAT JOB! However, if you have not, and you only been renewing your policy with your mortgage, please call your independent insurance agency and have them verify it and make the necessary changes, if needed. If you are currently NOT working with an independent insurance agency, CALL US. We would love to help you out!

Here are the 3 main things we will check with you:

  1. House updates – have you done any renovations or updates? What about your roof, HVAC system, water heater, or plumbing?
  2. Additions and alterations – have you changed anything around your house? How about a new gazebo for your backyard? Any new additions or alterations?
  3. Household composition – have anything in your family changed? Do you have new pets? Have your kids moved out?

Oh really, that’s it? Yeap! Is that simple. Your home is the result of your efforts, your hard earned efforts. We would love to protect those efforts.

Hurricane Michael

Photography by Douglas R. Clifford

Today marks the beginning of hurricane season and everyone in our beautiful Sunshine State has to be ready. Whether you live in north, south, east, west, or central Florida, everyone should begin getting ready with their families. We always recommend that you start with your homeowners and flood insurance policy. Reviewing your policy is FREE and it can save a lot in the future.

At Deer Insurance Agency, WE CARE!

by Ariel Rivera, MBA, CIC, CPIA

Agency Principal @ Deer Insurance Agency