Is Minimum Right for You When It Comes to Auto Insurance in Florida?

Some of the basics

In the beautiful sunshine state any vehicle with a current Florida registration must be insured with a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) automobile insurance coverage. The requirements are a minimum of $10,000 in PIP and a minimum of $10,000 in PDL. It is mandated that PIP covers 80% of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses up to $10,000 resulting from a covered injury, no matter who caused the car accident. On the other hand, PDL coverage pays for damage to another person’s property caused by you or someone else driving your insured vehicle. 

If you want to adventure into the wondrous world of auto insurance in Florida you can check out the information on Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

So, are those minimum enough?

Well, as it happens with other things in life, the minimum may not be enough but it is way better than nothing. Also, it is required by law, so it is definitely necessary to comply. 

When in doubt, I recommend you do something about it. Be proactive. Be a protector. Knowing about other optional insurance coverages can help you make an informed decision that better protects your assets and gives you peace of mind. 

Optional auto insurance coverages related to PIP and PDL

Bodily injury liability (BIL): It is not required but it can be a very helpful coverage. It pays for injury or death to others when you are at fault in a car accident. This coverage will pay for the other party’s medical expenses related to the car accident you were at fault.

For example (and I am really hoping it does not happen to you) say you are at fault in an automobile accident and the other driver is injured.  The other driver’s PIP coverage covers his medical bills up to the limit of the coverage. Then, the other driver’s insurer decides to subrogate the medical claims from you because you were at fault for the accident. If you do not have BIL coverage you have to pay for that out of pocket. Instead, if you have BIL, that coverage will reimburse the other driver’s insurance company up to the limit you selected. 

Extended PIP: This is a supplemental coverage that extends medical benefits for you and your family members. The basic PIP covers up to 80% of your medical expenses, while the extended PIP covers the rest (so you will be covered 100%). However, all of those medical expenses are subject to the $10,000 maximum limit coverage. You can decide whether to include your family members in this coverage or not. Also, the extended PIP can provide an additional income-loss benefit. 

Let us avoid penalties

It is  important to maintain the required insurance coverage throughout the registration period or your driving privilege and license plate may be suspended for up to three years. The best practice is to comply with the FLHSMV and: “Turn in your license plate at your nearest driver license office and motor vehicle service center or Tax Collector’s office BEFORE canceling your insurance to avoid suspension and reinstatement fees”. Please note that failure to maintain the required insurance coverage may result in the suspension of your driver license/registration and a requirement to pay a reinstatement fee of up to $500. We really want to avoid that! On top of that, the insurance carriers can charge you an additional premium for not maintaining continuous coverage on your vehicle insurance.

Our recommendation

We like to encourage our readers, prospects and clients to protect themselves, their assets, and be best prepared with the insurance coverage that is right for them. We believe that with life’s uncertainties, and the risk of losing important things, we should protect our hard-earned assets. 

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